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Taisir El-Souessi,


Licensed Counselor in NC, GA, FL

Registered Expressive Arts Therapist

Creativity, Belly Dance, and Yoga Instructor

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To be honest, I never found therapy very helpful before I got involved with the arts as a therapeutic process. I'm not knockin' it for anyone else, but it was just too "in my head" to be helpful for me. At the time, I was hanging out in my head all day long already. My therapist was a lovely person and a good listener, but my whirlwind of thoughts made it too easy to hang on to controlling the process. I needed to get out of my head and into my whole self. Does this sound familiar? It's hard to let go enough to get out of our own way. The artistic process has helped me learn (and I'm still learning) to "trust the process" and appreciate my whole self. I feel inspired to help you explore and create your own story of appreciation, or calm, or acceptance... or whatever healing you are seeking.

I believe in the power of working with the arts in therapy as an active approach to:

 - reduce anxiety and self-judgement
 - increase self-esteem
 - enhance relationships
 - cultivate and nurture creativity

 - resolve emotional conflicts

 - to illuminate issues 

 - allow for deeper exploration than just talking

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What the heck does performance have to do with therapy? To me, that answer is simple. Therapy is about growth and change. In my life, performance has also been instrumental in my growth and change. It's an experiential way to challenge your habits and assumptions, to discover your strengths and build on them, to get feedback and support on parts of your life that are challenging, to face fears and overcome old traumas. To be witnessed in performance is powerful for the individual and inspiring for the audience. I love, love, LOVE helping people turn hurt into healing through performance. It's personal to me because it's been a major part of my own growth as a human in this difficult and wonderful world...

Supporting you on your creative journey,


The artistic process is a healing process.

~ Shaun McNiff