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Our focus is on the arts and creativity. We believe that the arts (drawing, music, dance, etc.) are the language of our deepest human connection. We all thrive with connection. The arts help us tap into the healing that is within all of us.


You are an artist. You are a poet. You are a singer. You are a dancer. You are creative.

Many people have "creativity wounds."

A time someone; a teacher, a parent, told you you're not good enough and it stuck. 

You're still telling yourself that same old story of shame...

Unfortunately, it's stopping your creative potential. It's holding you back from speaking out or speaking up because of a belief that it might suck...

There are so many benefits to engaging in Arts Exploration!

  • build confidence

  • improve self-worth and self-acceptance

  • gain self-awareness

  • develop focus and expression

  • increase life satisfaction

  • work through anxiety and grief

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