I specialize in creating and facilitating Expressive Arts Groups, Workshops and Retreats. Join me at one of our happenings or contact me today about an event designed specifically for your organization or group.
Previous workshops have included multiple modalities such as collage, drawing, dance, music, phototherapy, puppets, glass creation and visual journaling. 

Current Offerings

We're currently planning Fruition for August of 2020. 

Check back or email interest to taisir@creatingartworks.com


FRUITION is open to any adult interested in personal growth work through expressive arts modalities. Expressive Arts work is experiential. Multiple modalities are layered together to enhance self-exploration and personal growth. No experience necessary.



Taisir El-Souessi, LPCS, REAT






Check back or email taisir@creatingartworks.com for info. Thanks!


Creating Art Works

33 Coxe Ave #2613

Asheville, NC 28802


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Oh social media... A joy and a pain - these pages are... just like life... in a growth process. If there's anything you'd like to know about me, feel free to ask... taisir@creatingartworks.com