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Creative Circumstance

A circumstance is a condition or state that is relevant to a particular event. I’m coining the term “creative circumstance” to mean the state or condition that your creativity is in. What’s your Creative Circumstance? Is it vibrant and thriving? Is it dormant and buried?

Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Are there opportunities for me to be creative in my daily life?

  2. Do I engage in those opportunities when I see them?

  3. Do I participate in activities that nurture my creativity?

  4. Am I involved in a community of people that supports my creativity?

  5. Is there something I’ve always wanted to do that I’m not doing? Play guitar? Learn to sing? Write my novel?

If you said yes to questions 1 through 4, your Creative Circumstance might be in good shape. So now ask yourself if you were being truly honest about the situation. I find that looking at our Creative Life is often like looking at how much we exercise. We don’t like to feel bad or guilty about not doing enough so we might tend to enhance the effort in our mind and say to ourselves, “it was good enough.” So ask yourself if you’re feeling excited about the creativity you are engaging in. Does it feed your soul? Does it enhance your life and your well-being?

If you said yes to number 5, what’s stopping you? Share your comments below and thanks for reading!

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”

― Rumi, The Essential Rumi

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